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LG to Present ESG Vision for ‘Better Life for All’ at CES 2023

Global Association for ESG

20 Dec 2022

CES to Feature LG’s Promise for the Future, Innovations for the Planet and People

CES to Feature LG’s Promise for the Future, Innovations for the Planet and People

In an exclusive exhibit named the Better Life for All zone, LG Electronics will highlight its ongoing dedication to sustainability at CES® 2023 by showcasing its ESG (environment-social-governance) vision and its most significant recent advancements. In support of the UN's initiatives to improve human security for all, CES, the world's most important technology event, will highlight how technology helps people address the most serious problems in the world in January 2023.

The Better Life for All zone is divided into three distinct sections: For the Planet, For People, and Our Commitment, and provides a thorough overview of LG's sustainability initiatives, including significant ESG milestones, ongoing programs, and long-term aspirations. The exhibit will also feature the four winning submissions from LG's first LIFE'S GOOD AWARD, an innovation competition designed to convey the company's Life's Good message and inspire innovators who want to improve people's lives and the environment.

Better Life for all

The 2030 Better Life Plan and Innovations for a Sustainable Future
LG Electronics, the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, will highlight its numerous environmental initiatives in the For the Planet area of the booth. These initiatives include the creation of Sustainable Cycles, which prioritise "green" considerations at every stage of the product lifecycle, including the collection, disposal, and re-purposing of e-waste in the post-usage stage.

Visitors to the area can observe the processes used to create parts for new LG goods using materials recovered from discarded e-waste at the company's Chilseo Recycling Center. The company's energy-efficient plant, the LG Smart Park in Changwon, South Korea, and a new Expanded Polystyrene foam recycling technique that LG created to make product packaging more environmentally friendly are both highlighted in For the Planet.

The exhibit's second segment, For People, highlights LG's efforts and accomplishments in product and service accessibility. These include the development of product manuals that incorporate voice and sign language guidance and the incorporation of accessibility technologies, such as voice recognition, voice teaching, and motion-detecting sensors, in a variety of items. Visitors to For People will also get the chance to learn about the accessibility features offered on LG TVs, such as audio-to-text captioning and a sign language panel that can be easily moved and scaled.

The Our Commitment portion of the Better Life for All zone demonstrates LG's commitment to securing a sustainable future, which is the main objective of the business' Better Life Plan 2030. By 2030, LG hopes to have reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from product manufacture by 50% (relative to 2017 levels) and GHG emissions from consumption of seven major goods by 20% per unit sold (from a base year of 2020). The business also intends to deliver accessibility features for all of its product lines by 2025 and voice and sign language video manuals for every LG device by 2030.
The head of LG Electronics' Global Marketing Center, Lee Jeong-seok, said, "At LG, we are continually challenging ourselves to go the additional mile to make our vision for a Better Life for All a reality. "Our ESG-focused exhibit will provide CES attendees with insight into the principles, tenacity, and commitment that drive our pursuit of sustainability as well as the cutting-edge tools and procedures we're creating to assure a better tomorrow."
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