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Global Association for Environmental, Social and  Governance is a certification and standard-setting body for all ESG professionals globally

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The pandemic of COVID 19 affected practically everything. It demonstrated how the world is interdependent and how different elements of society, including companies, governments, employees, customers and supply chains can and should coexist together for a sustainable future.

When the world learnt how ESG policies and framework was the silver lining to the cloud of pandemic, the consumers and regulators began to reach a fever pitch and the demand for ESG leadership talent exploded.


There is no denying that adopting an ESG strategy is a critical way for businesses to ensure their survival and future growth, as well as their adaption to changing international standards.

However, it is required to take things a step further, which means that businesses and their shareholders must get professional training and preparation in order to implement the standards that customers and employees are already demanding.

Incorporating ESG into the overall strategy has become a new trend and following this trend is the ultimatum. This means that need for ESG roles is sure to arise in the upcoming years.


The Global Association for ESG aims to be the premier global certification body for ESG professionals hustling every day by fostering consumer and professional trust in corporate expertise, capabilities, behaviour, and ethics.

We are able to design a learning path that is specific to the requirements of organizations because we believe we provide the Best Certification ESG program for professionals. Our certification is dynamic, completely updated, and accepted by a significant number of international experts.

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Global Association for ESG envisions a future where societies around the world understand the importance of ESG criteria and how they can improve lives.

We envision a future, where practitioners strive for the highest level of professionalism so that they can make this world a better place.

​Global Association for ESG wants the ESG and sustainability fields to be as recognized and valued as other global professions.

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Headquartered in London, UK, the Global Association for ESG is committed to standard-setting and advocacy on behalf of professionals to international organizations, governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations and civil society. 


GAFESG not only ensures compliance with best practices and accreditation standards set around the world, but also provides the most relevant knowledge and resources to support and protect the evolving public good.


We shape a sustainable future. 

GAFESG works closely with member organizations around the world to achieve a shared vision and mission.


To develop environmental, social and governance into a globally recognized and respected profession.


To benefit humanity by establishing, maintaining and advancing global standards for ESG professions, as evidenced by the dual certification mark of GEP (Global ESP Professional) and GEE (Global ESG Expert).

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